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“I noticed Terry’s clients were really easy to sell to..”

I started in the Insurance industry about 2003 and I met Terry because I was writing the Insurance for his clients.

As the relationship solidified I noticed that Terry’s clients were buying many different products from him and they were really easy to sell to.

When I asked him about why these clients were so easy to sell to, he showed me the Lifestyle Builder System. It was at that stage to become a wealth coach and incorporated the Rapid Value System into my business.

This meant that not only it was much easier for me to sell to my Insurance clients, I was now selling mortgages and referring my clients on to the rest of the network that RVS enables me to recommend, and benefiting financially from the many referral fees.

The most amazing thing about this is that these same clients were paying me to sell them these products.

If I had been selling just Insurance, I would be making about $1,500 per sale, but the cool thing about this system is that I am not only offering good financial advice for my customer, then I could make as much as $10,000 in other opportunities for the customer.

Peter, Auckland, New Zealand

“”..It just made sense.”


I am the Director of Financial Gain Australia Ltd, and I have been using the Rapid Value System since 2000 and I have found it just made sense.

What I was looking for was a way to provide really good service to my existing clients.

Unfortunately the only incentive in the mortgage market is not to service my clients once and look after your existing clients, but to dump them and then move on to the next customer.

Because this System actually provided ongoing multiple streams of income. I was able to focus on really looking after my clients.

Mary, Sydney, Australia

“I am helping people to create wealth, and pay their mortgages off early and make really good money at the same time.”

I first found out about the Rapid Value System in around 2004. I was looking for an opportunity to leave the grocery industry, I found Terry and the Rapid Value System through one of my family members who had bought the Lifestyle Builder System.

I thought, this is fantastic, I am helping people to create wealth, and pay their mortgages off early and make really good money at the same time.
As a receiving customer, when I got my report, I learnt more from that report than the half a dozen seminars on financial planning I had spent a lot of money going to.

John, Auckland, New Zealand

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