Attention: Mortgage and Insurance Brokers or anyone wishing to join the industry

 How Would You Like To Earn $5,000 To $15,000
More For Every Client You Acquire?

While making those clients even easier to obtain… and more loyal as well?

Hi there,

Right now you’d probably like more leads for your business… doesn’t everybody? But I’m going to show you how to unleash the true earning potential of your current and future leads to massively increase their profitability. You’re about to learn how to easily have each new client pay you $5,000 plus give you the opportunity to earn up to $15,000 for your business from each client.

Have I Got Your Attention Yet?

Think of it this way. Your current clients are probably worth about $1,500 on average to your business. So let’s give a modest estimate and say you acquire 20 leads a month:

20 leads x $1,500 = $30,000 per month

Nothing to be sneezed on but let’s look at the Rapid Value System in action with a worst case scenario of only adding $5,000 per lead:

20 leads x $5,000 = $100,000 per month

In order to match this performance you’d have to add 47 additional leads to your business every month. By now I hope I have your attention…

Why It’s So Hard To Convert Leads Right Now

Here’s another problem you’re facing. Right now you’re trying to sell your clients the same mortgage or insurance packages everyone else is. It’s hard to stand out in the market as they all do the same thing and it often comes down to the numbers.

Plus you’re probably only offering your client one product which really isn’t helping them as much as you can. And it certainly isn’t helping your sales figures.

But the most interesting thing is you’re trying to “sell” it to them. Both you and the client know that they can walk down the street to your competitor and get a similar product for a similar price. You have no competitive advantage.

How To Sell More… Without Selling?

The Rapid Value System allows you to sell multiple products to your client… all without it appearing like a sales process at all. Plus it’s a totally unique (and automated) way of presenting your offer to the client so they just say yes.

Using what we call the Rapid Value System we regularly close 50% of leads for $5,000 (plus commission as you’ll see in a moment) and for mortgages we see 90% of them go through to settlement. We have a sneaking suspicion that this may be better than your current approach.

So click here to find out just what the Rapid Value System is…

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