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How Would You Like To Earn $5,000 To $15,000 More For Every Client You Acquire?


While making those clients even easier to obtain… and more loyal as well?


Hi there,

The Rapid Value System has been created, tested and perfected by expert salespeople and business growth experts in the financial services industry. It may seem like a simple system to the outside observer but don’t let that fool you. This system can add $5,000 to $15,000 for every new client you acquire.

Right now you’d probably like more leads for your business… doesn’t everybody? But I’m going to show you how to unleash the true earning potential of your leads to massively increase their profitability. Plus you can take the Rapid Value System back to your current clients and easily turn them into $5,000 to $15,000 for your business.


Have I Got Your Attention Yet?

Think of it this way. Your current leads are probably worth about $1,000 to your business. So let’s give a modest estimate and say you acquire 100 leads a month:


100 leads x $1,000 = $100,000 per month


Nothing to be sneezed on but let’s look at the Rapid Value System in action with a worst case scenario of only adding $5,000 per lead:


100 leads x $5,000 = $500,000 per month


In order to match this performance you’d have to add 400 additional leads to your business every month. By now I hope I have your attention…


Why It’s So Hard To Convert Leads Right Now


Right now your sales process looks a little like this:


If you’re a mortgage broker you’re trying to sell the client a mortgage

If you’re an insurance broker you’re trying to sell the client insurance

If you’re a financial planner you’re trying to sell the client financial products


Now the big problem with this situation is you only get to sell them one product… and you’re also trying to “sell” it to them.  Both you and the client know that they can walk down the street to your competitor and get a similar product for the same price. You have no competitive advantage.


The Rapid Value System allows you to sell multiple products to your client… all without it appearing like a sales process at all. Plus it’s a totally unique (and automated) way of presenting your offer to the client.


So What Is The Rapid Value System?


The Rapid Value System works like this:


  1. You meet with a client and gather information using a specially created questionnaire called the Lifestyle Builder. The Lifestyle Builder gathers data on their current financial position and what goals they want to achieve in their lifetime and during retirement
  2. You then offer to take this information and provide a comprehensive report for them for a one-time fee of $500
  3. You take this information and input it into an online form
  4. We analyse the data and send you back a personalised report for your client – branded with your own company’s details – which includes recommendations on how they’re achieve their financial goals
  5. You then offer to implement the Lifestyle Builder Report for a low investment of just $5,000
  6. From the Lifestyle Builder Report you will then:
    1. Secure a mortgage for your client
    2. Obtain insurance for your client
    3. Acquire the financial products for your client
    4. Organise the purchase of any required investment properties for your client


And This Leads To More Sales For You


Your client ends up buying multiple products from you while paying you a $5,000 fee to do it. You also increase client loyalty as they’re committed to following their comprehensive Lifestyle Builder Report to ensure they reach all their financial goals.


Plus you end up with commissions on the all the products the Lifestyle Builder Report recommends. This can mean:


  • $1,000 for the mortgage and trails etc.
  • $1,000 for the insurance and trails etc.
  • $1,000 for the financial products and trails etc.
  • $20,000 for the real estate commission and trails etc.


And this only increases as they require more mortgages, insurance, financial products and real estate over the years as they improve their financial position.


But Isn’t It Difficult To Sell Fee-Based Products Now?


Selling the report is actually easier than selling your current products. Once you do the initial meeting with the client and they fully understand just how valuable the Lifestyle Builder Report is it becomes a no-brainer for them to purchase it. After all… it’s a personal map to their own financial goals rather than just another mortgage or insurance product.


Plus we’ve had master salespeople carefully script every step of the way from the initial meeting with the client through to the presentation of the Lifestyle Builder Report to ensure your success. We’ve been using and perfecting this process since 1996 in a handful of financial services companies to ensure it gets results… each time, every time.


All you have to do is follow the instructions step-by-step and you’ll start actually increasing your conversion rates from before… all while making a higher income from each lead.


But How Do I Provide All Those Additional Services?


We provide training when it comes to providing all the services. Plus the Lifestyle Builder Report tells you just exactly what you need to acquire for your clients. We’ve designed the system so that even if you have no experience in any of the other industries we’ll quickly get you up and running so you look like you’ve been doing it your entire career.


Or if you’d prefer for someone else to handle the legwork then we have a specialised team ready to help you out. This is all on a commission basis so you only have to pay us when you get paid. We’ve really made sure to cover all your bases on this one.


Ok… That’s Clever! But How Much?


Now for the part you’re not going to believe… your investment to have the Rapid Value System set up for your business is just a one-time fee of $997.


That’s right… you’ll recoup your entire investment plus make $4,000 on the very first Lifestyle Builder Report you implement.


But you know at that ridiculous investment what’s coming next…


So What’s The Catch?


The only catch is that for every Lifestyle Builder Report we create we retain the $500 fee from the client. There is a lot of propriety information, expertise and experience that goes into creating the Lifestyle Builder report and this is where we add our value.


Basically you are getting your client to completely pay for the Lifestyle Builder Report that you are going to use to sell them a $5,000 implementation fee plus all the commissions you receive on the backend. Yes we meant it when we said the Rapid Value System was clever.


All the other income you make from your client goes straight into your pocket (unless you decide to contract our team to provide some of the services). This means you take away a nice $5,000 to $15,000 per client and the ongoing trails that the financial services industry enjoy.


How Do I Know It’ll Work?


We are so confident that the Rapid Value System will work for you that we completely guarantee the set up fee. That means if it doesn’t work you pay nothing. It’s as simple as this…


The Rapid Value System 100% Put Money In Your Pocket Guarantee


If you send just 10 Lifestyle Builder Report requests to us and they do not result in

you adding significant value to your business then I’ll completely refund the set-up fee


Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You Get


Here are the most important benefits for your business:


  • You take advantage of a tried and tested selling process that just plain works
  • You make an additional $5,000 upfront for any new client you acquire
  • You make additional residual income from implementing the Lifestyle Builder Report that will last for years to come
  • You have an instant competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Your clients are more loyal as they’re following their Lifestyle Builder Report over the years
  • You simply make more money while making your sales process easier than it’s ever been before


I hope you’ve realised by now just how powerful the Rapid Value System will be for your business. I’ve done my best to make this a risk free, no-brainer decision for you as I know the Rapid Value System will add tremendous value. I know this because it has been doing it since 1996 in my own financial services companies plus we have a range of extremely grateful clients (you can read what they say below).


What You Do Next


So get in touch and I’ll happily answer any questions you may have. I’m committed to making this the best business decision you’ve made in your entire life and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.


Just enter your name and email address below and I’ll be in touch with the next steps…




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I look forward to dramatically growing your business.


Best Regards,


Terry Rota


P.S. I’m not sure how many Rapid Value System licences we’re going to offer for the simple reason that if everyone starts using it then it becomes less valuable as a competitive advantage. If you’re keen then I urge you to take action now and secure the Rapid Value System for your business today.


Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Say


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What You Do Next


I’ve done my best to make this a risk free, no-brainer decision for your business. I know the Rapid Value System will add tremendous value because it has been doing it since 1996. I’ve used it in my own financial services companies plus you’ve just read our testimonials from a range of extremely grateful clients.


To try the Rapid Value System today simply enter your name and email address below to find out what to do next. I’ll be in touch shortly and will answer any questions you may have. I’m committed to making this the best business decision you’ve made in your entire life.




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