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But Isn’t It Difficult To Sell Fee-Based Products Now?

Selling the report is actually easier than selling your current products. Once you do the initial meeting with the client and they fully understand just how valuable the Lifestyle Builder Report is it becomes a no-brainer for them to purchase it. After all… it’s a personal road map to their own financial goals rather than just another mortgage or insurance product.

Plus we’ve had master salespeople carefully script every step of the way from the initial meeting with the client through to the presentation of the Lifestyle Builder Report to ensure your success. We’ve been using and perfecting this process since 1996 in a handful of financial services companies to ensure it gets results… each time, every time.

That’s why every company who has tried to copy the Rapid Value System has seen mediocre results. Sure the system is highly valuable because it offers your clients more products than they’re currently purchasing. However the true genius is the little bits of extra information the Fact Find obtains and the way the information is presented back to the client in their personal Lifestyle Builder Report.

All you have to do is follow the instructions step-by-step and you’ll start actually increasing your conversion rates from before… all while making a higher income from each lead.

But How Do I Provide All Those Additional Services?

We provide training when it comes to providing all the services. Plus the Lifestyle Builder Report tells you just exactly when you need to acquire these for your clients. We’ve designed the system so that even if you have no experience in any of the other industries we’ll quickly get you up and running so you look like you’ve been doing it your entire career.

Or if you’d prefer for someone else to handle the legwork then we have a specialised team ready to help you out. This is all on a commission basis so you don’t even have to pay us as we just pay you your share when we get paid by the bank or insurance company. We’ve really made sure to cover all your bases on this one.

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