I’m Terry Rota.

The idea for the Rapid Value System first came to me back in 1994 when I was getting a mortgage for an investment property. I wanted to know how I could save interest by paying the mortgage off quickly. I knew the bank had software for this but they wouldn’t let me have access… after all it’s in their interest (pun intended) to have me pay off the mortgage slowly.

By 1996 I had become a mortgage broker and developed software to show clients how to pay their mortgage off faster. We did a lot of business this way as clients respected our dedication to serve them.

The System Continues To Evolve

I then did a Diploma in Financial Planning to add to my credibility in the market and discovered the idea of wrapping financial planning around the mortgage. Through this I was able to add even more value and charge for the service.

Over time the system became more and more complicated behind the scenes as I added various features to suit my clients needs. For example if a client wants to take a holiday to the United States in 3 years time or see how their borrowing capacity changes over the years the Rapid Value System can account for that in their Lifestyle Builder Report. It’s features like this that make the Rapid Value System more powerful than anything else I’ve seen in the market.

Starting My Own Business

In 2000 I branched out on my own and Financial Gain was founded. It was born out of my frustration with the financial planning industry and how they only offered strategies to manage wealth… not create it. I wanted to show clients how they could create wealth over time and reach their goals using very straightforward and conservative strategies.

The company started with 2 people in 2000 and employed 45-50 people by 2003. The reason for our rapid growth was simply the Rapid Value System in action. We had a quality product that helped our clients and a unique sales system for doing… the same system you have the opportunity to employ in your business right now.

The system was put into the hands of people with no experience in the financial services industry and yet they managed to pull in huge numbers because they simply followed the steps. Because that’s what a system does… pull in repeatable results for whoever uses it. The best example of this is how the multi-billion dollar empire of McDonald’s is run by teenagers around the world!

A Change Of Pace

After having my first son – Bailey (pictured above) – I decided I wanted the lifestyle freedom to work from home and spend more time with him (and now my other children too). So now I work from home and have very little staff to manage. This means I focus on supporting other mortgage and insurance brokers in implementing the Rapid Value System and drastically growing their businesses.

I know the Rapid Value System works because I’ve seen it work in my own business. I’ve also implemented it with other businesses and seen it work in the hands of people with no experience as they pull in numbers that would amaze you. Obviously I can’t make income claims for your particular situation but I know if you follow the Rapid Value System you will see results.

I suggest you click here to find out more about what it can do for your business

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